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* 4. To help us make sure that SimBio's software will be compatible with your technology, please select all of the ways your students might access the modules.

* 5. I understand that SimBio's software does NOT run on any iPads, hand-held devices, Chromebooks, or most Netbooks.

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The remaining questions are optional, but we would very much appreciate your input as it will help us figure out how to focus our high school product development efforts.

* 8. What are the primary textbook(s) and/or other instructional tools you use in your class, and very generally, how do you use them (e.g., for homework, group assignments, etc.)?

* 9. We are considering collaborating with a publisher of open-source (i.e. free!) electronic textbooks. If your students had access to a high-quality, free electronic textbook (that could be printed as a PDF), would you consider using it in place of your current textbook?

* 10. If your students had access to a high-quality, free electronic textbook, would that influence the probability that you would invest in commercially-produced active learning tools?

* 11. We have been conducting short (~20 minute), paid ($40) interviews with high school biology teachers, in particular those who teach advanced (e.g., AP/IB) classes. If we need more interviewees, would you be interested in participating?

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