Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to the HR Success 8 Elements to Success Through People Diagnostic.

This diagnostic and the resulting report is designed to provide an indication of how your business or team is presently positioned in relation to the HR Success 8 Elements to Success Through People Framework(c).

It takes most people approximately 10-15 minutes to work through the diagnostic.

We will produce your individualised feedback report within a couple of days of you completing the diagnostic. Your report will highlight apparent strengths and potential opportunities to improve the productivity of your business and/or more effectively manage risk.

We will contact you seperately in order to make arrangements for you to receive your report.

If you have any questions as you move through the diagnostic please contact us via telephone 1300 783 211 or email support@hrsuccess.com.au.

We hope you enjoy the process and that it adds value to your efforts to achieve business success through people.

Kind regards,

Greg Mitchell
Principal Consultant