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* 1. Have you hired any Southwest students/graduates in the last 5 years?

* 2. Please list their job titles, approximate salary and indicate PT for part time or FT for full time.

* 3. How do you rate the student's/graduate's EDUCATIONAL PREPARATION for their particular job?

* 4. Choose current overall PERFORMANCE LEVEL of students/graduates.

* 5. Please rate the performance of Southwest students/graduates in each key area below:

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Communication skills
Problem-solving skills
Technical skills
Ability to work with others
Work ethic

* 6. What additional skills do you wish the students/graduates to possess?

* 7. What majors do you primarily seek to hire? (Please check ALL that apply.)

* 8. What is your overall assessment of the Career Services Center at Southwest?

* 9. How can the Career Services staff assist you further with your hiring needs?

  Yes No
Posting positions
Career Fairs
Cooperative Education or Paid Internships
On-campus recruiting

* 10. What is the #1 reason you hire Southwest students/graduates.