Welcome to the HR Realities Research 2024-25

Welcome to Fosway Group's tenth HR Realities Research survey. Yes, it's really been that long since we first launched the survey and over that time you've help us uncover some unparalleled insights into the challenges HR teams are facing and how they are overcoming them.

As always, I cannot stress enough how important you taking time to share your experience is to the entire HR community. They help build a picture of how HR is really evolving at a time of unprecedented change. This year, besides our usual questions on priorities, budgets and headcount trends, we are spotlighting AI's impact on HR, the people experience and the HR team. As a result, I expect our outputs from this year's survey to be our best ever.

So, we will continue to honour our promise to you, that all survey participants will receive a copy of the final results, which will be shared later in the year. Also, your privacy is always of the utmost importance to us, so please be assured all your answers are confidential and non-attributable. You can access our privacy policy here.

The link below can be used to launch and return to the survey at anytime. So, you can step through the survey in chunks. Just make sure that before you exit, you complete the page you are on and click the 'NEXT' button, or that page's responses may be lost.

Thank you in advance for participating in this super exciting project.

David Perring - Chief Insights Officer, Fosway Group