Staff Award Nomination - Principal

One Elementary and One Secondary Principal will be selected. 

The Principal Award of Excellence seeks to honor the principal who goes beyond the daily responsibilities of their position to create an exceptional environment through dedicated leadership.  The information provided in the nomination form/packet should clearly describe, explain and/or provide supporting documentation and information to demonstrate that the principal has set an example of excellence in his/her performance, achievements and contributions impacting others. There are many principals who work very hard every day and routinely meet or exceed expectations. This award is designed to recognize the principal who truly stands out among their peers/within the District.        

Criteria include:
 - School Culture – Wellness:  How has the nominee shaped the school’s culture to foster well-being and safety so students and adults learn and interact productively?
 - School Culture – Equity:  How has nominee promoted equity so that each person is known and valued, and receives individualized, high-quality education to succeed?
 - School Culture - Student-centeredness:  How has nominee embedded the needs of each student as a guiding value to inform organizational decision-making?

 - Learning - Results-orientation:  How has nominee lead learning in their school so that each learner will be college and career ready?
 - Learning - Collaborative leadership:  How has nominee empowered students and adults in their school community to assume leadership roles to promote each person’s learning and well-being?
 - Learning – Innovation:  How has nominee fostered innovation and creativity as part of the learning process?                        

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