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Last fall as part of our effort to build an agenda for a White House Conference we asked visitors to the CWLA website to take a three minute survey and tell us what their top three issues are when it comes time to set an agenda for a White House Conference. Based on those survey results we will periodically highlight responses and topics. In turn we will ask you to weigh-in again with a survey of what you think about a particular subject area.

* 1. Prevention Services include a number of Programs. Does Your community offer any of the following? (check all that apply)

* 2. Of the services in your community, Are there waiting lists?

  Yes No n/a
Home visiting Programs
Respite Care for Parents
Crisis Child Care
Parenting Education
Homemaker help
Shaken Baby Syndrome Education programs
Child Care/Head Start

* 3. Since January, as a result of the recession, has you community experienced an increase in any of the following?

  Yes No
Child abuse reports
Incidents of Shaken Baby Syndrome
Children left alone without needed child care
Increased homelessness of families

* 4. Since January, as a result of the recession, has your community had to cut prevention services?

* 5. Please, briefly describe ways to prevent child abuse and neglect. (describe a program that exists in your community or you would like to see exist that would help reduce child abuse and neglect):