Food and Garden Survey

* 1. Do you participate in a Community Garden or Urban Agriculture Project?

* 2. Do you grow any of your own food at home?

* 3. How much of the food you grow do you eat?

* 4. Think about when you purchase your food. Do you (or partner in your household)...

* 5. Has your experience with community garden/urban agriculture changed your eating habits?

* 6. Has your participation in community garden/urban agriculture project changed where you get your food?

* 7. If you participated in a community garden, tell me what kind of changes took place in your life. Did you think about food differently? Did you buy food differently? Did you start to grow food at home? Did you get involved in other community initiatives? What kind of food do you grow? Do you process any of your own food (Canning, Dehydrate, Freeze) Thanks.