In anticipation of this year'sĀ 50th Anniversary of the Corn Festival, please take the following anonymous survey, so the FestivalĀ can be improved upon for the community.

* 1. How many times have you attended the Aumsville Corn Festival in the past five years?

* 2. Did you watch the parade before attending the Festival?

* 3. How long did you typically stay and enjoy the Festival? 

* 4. What were your favorite activities?

  1 2 3 4 5
Hot Buttered Corn
Visiting the Vendor Booths
Corn Festival Games
The Corn Eating Contest
Treasure Hunt

* 5. What types of kid or adult games would you like to see added to the festival?

* 6. What is your opinion of the raffle and do you have any suggestions for improvements that could be made?

* 7. What is your opinion of the music selection and how would you improve it?

* 8. Do you know of any local entertainment that you would like to see at the Corn Festival? If so, please list below.

* 9. What improvements to the Parade or the Festival would you like to see? Is there anything missing that could be added? Please place any suggestions for improvements or missing items in the box below.

* 10. Which weekend do you prefer the Corn Festival to be? The 3rd Weekend (like the last two years) or the 4th Weekend?