Endorse The 2017 Prosperity for All Agenda!

In 2017, Prosperity for All is advancing legislation to improve economic stability for families and low-wage workers.

1. Increase MFIP Cash Assistance by $100 per month

The Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) provides basic economic assistance for children and their parents working toward full-time paid employment. The program has eroded under inflation. MFIP cash assistance for a family of three is a maximum $532 per month, the same as it's been since 1986. 

2. Improve the Working Family Credit

The Working Family Credit is a part of our tax code that provides a tax credit for working people with lower incomes, which helps them meet basic needs and support their families. Prosperity for All supports the proposal to increase the amount of the tax credit and expand eligibility.

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Questions about Prosperity for All? Contact Atom Robinson at atom@mnhomelesscoalition.org.

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