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Below are the Mission and Value statements of HRE USA. Read these and confirm your understanding of them.

To promote human dignity, justice and peace by cultivating an expansive, vibrant base of support for Human Rights Education (HRE) in the United States.

Human Rights Educators USA facilitates mutual collaboration and support to maximize members' efforts to:
- integrate HRE into formal and non-formal educational settings, such as schools, universities, and organizations that work with youth;
- advocate for the inclusion of HRE in national and state education policies, standards, curricula, and pedagogy;
- provide pre-service and in-service teacher training programs and HRE resources;
- contribute to global research and scholarship on HRE; and
- empower educators and learners.

HRE USA is committed to the basic human rights principles of human dignity, equality and non-discrimination as articulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In all our undertakings we value diversity, inclusiveness, transparency, integrity, accountability, responsibility and respectful, honest communication and sharing.

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