Online Public Opinion Survey

Welcome to the survey for the Environmental Assessment (EA) Re-evaluation of the Hampton Roads Crossing Study Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS). The purpose of this survey is to gather input from citizens and organizations on the findings of the EA Re-evaluation.

* 1. Are you aware of the Hampton Roads Crossing Study Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement completed in 2017?

* 2. Are you aware of the Environmental Assessment Re-evaluation document and materials presented in the meeting?

* 3. Rate the importance of the following objectives for transportation improvements along Interstate 64 in Hampton and Norfolk, including at the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel?

  Extremely important Very important Important Somewhat important Not important at all
Add driveable shoulders that can be used during peak hours
Implement High-Occupancy Toll lanes
Minimize environmental impacts
Minimize community impacts
Plan ahead to reduce schedule delays and cost increases in the future

* 4. High-Occupancy Toll (HOT) Lanes and driveable shoulders have been added to the Refined Selected Action. These changes have resulted in limited increases in previously estimated widening and right-of-way impacts along the corridor (approximately 8 feet). Do you have any comments regarding the addition of HOT Lanes and driveable shoulders or the limited impacts estimated in the re-evaluation document?

* 5. The I-564 / I-64 interchange configuration has been modified as part of the Refined Selected Action in order to provide safe connections between the two interstates. The result is a larger footprint surrounding the interchange for ramp improvements and a wider footprint along the mainline (approximately 8 feet).  Do you have any comments regarding the I-564 / I-64 interchange configuration or any resulting impacts?

* 6. VDOT is in the process of acquiring the peninsula that extends from the base of the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel on Willoughby Spit to support project development. Please provide any feedback you may have on the acquisition and use of this land for the project.

* 7. Would you like to share any other thoughts regarding the Environmental Assessment Re-evaluation?

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