Section One - Background Information

Dear Student, Thank you very much for taking the time to give us feedback on why you were unable to continue your education at MUM.

DIRECTIONS: The information you supply on this questionnaire will be kept completely confidential. However, if any item requests information that you do not wish to provide, please feel free to omit it. Your name and MUM student ID is requested for research purposes only and will not be listed on any report.

Some items may not be applicable to you or to this college. If this is the case, skip the item or mark the “Does Not Apply” option. If you wish to change your response to an item, fill in the correct oval. Select only ONE response for each item.

* 1. Please enter your name.

* 2. If you remember, please enter your MUM student ID number.
Enter just the numbers without any dashes.

* 3. Please Enter your age

* 4. Racial/Ethnic Group

* 5. What was your final class level at MUM?

* 6. What was your major?

* 7. For what purpose did you enter MUM?
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* 8. What was your primary enrollment status at MUM?

* 9. What type of school did you attend just prior to entering MUM?

* 10. Gender

* 11. Marital Status

* 12. What was your residence classification at MUM?

* 13. What one response best describes your plans for this coming year?

* 14. Indicate your most recent MUM residence.

* 15. Do you plan to re-enroll at MUM?