* 1. I understand that listing my product(s) or services in the PRA Manufacturers Directory is free. PRA is not responsible for the accuracy of this information, as supplied by the vendor. Listing here does not constitute an endorsement of any product or service by the Popular Rotorcraft Association. If this on-line form does not work properly for my product's information I will email: PRAglobalsupportteam@gmail.com

* 2. What type of product(s) or services does your company sell that apply to personal rotorcraft (gyroplanes / light helicopters)

* 3. If you are selling kits or plans for a rotorcraft, please list the models that HAVE FLOWN and are currently available for purchase

* 4. What is the name and address of your company as you wish it to be displayed in the PRA Manufacturers and Suppliers directory? If you are a sole proprietorship list your name as the company.

* 5. Please give the description of each product or service you would listed in the PRA Manufactures Directory. Please include price. If the description is of an aircraft please include performance, engine and rotorblade specifications. If you have more than 10 products to list please email us or submit a second survey form for the remaining products.

* 6. What is your product web page?
Do you have a video of your product? If so please give us the direct link.

* 7. If we have questions about how your product should be listed, whom do we contact and how? (email is preferred)

* 8. Please send high res images of your product(s) and or your company logo to PRAglobalsupportteam@gmail.com

* 9. Will you offer a discount for PRA members?
If so we will give additional promotion of your product on the PRA web page and publications for free.
Please describe the discount you will give to PRA members.
Enter "NO" if you are not providing a discount for PRA members.

* 10. I would like to supply an article about my product or service to Rotorcraft magazine. Please contact me about submitting an article.