1. Community Feedback Survey

IMPORTANT: Please collect your coupon code for a free PowerPuff pre-roll on the confirmation page after submitting the survey.

* 1. Use numbers 1-5 to let us know how each quality plays a roll when shopping for flowers. The number 1 will represent the most important, 2 represents the second most important, and so on.

* 2. Bud appearance means a lot to me:

* 3. If you could choose only 3 categories to see more of, which would they be? Please select only 3. Choosing more than 3 categories will prompt a "question must be answered" notification.

* 4. Again, we at Luvbrite want to bring you, the customer, the best value and service possible. In terms of one of our main categories--Flowers, which statement do you agree with more? 

* 5. We at Luvbrite try to be reasonable as well as competitive with our prices, especially in terms of flower. We would like to learn your feedback for the following question in regards to our flowers: 

The prices for flowers are:

* 6. The site is easy to navigate.

* 7. I plan to continue purchasing through Luvbrite.

* 8. I am happy with the service provided by Luvbrite. This includes condition of products delivered, delivery times, staff knowledge and courtesy.

* 9. Luvbrite is or will be the only place where I plan on acquiring my cannabis.

* 10. Optional: Please let us know if there’s anything you feel you want to add. If there’s anything you think can be improved, anything you don’t like, anything you want added to the site you didn’t see mentioned, please list it below.