CASE FOR SUPPORT (Please click here to download the case for support outlining our future needs/priorities and take a few moments to review it before completing the questions below. )

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* 1.  What is your relationship to St. Paul Parish?

* If a parishioner, how many years?

* 2.  What is the most outstanding quality or strength of the parish? (Check one)

* 3.  What is the one thing that the parish could do better? (Check one)

* What is your general reaction to the plans outlined in the Case for Support for St. Paul Parish. (provided online)

* 4.  Please indicate the importance of the proposed needs outlined in the Case for Support.


  High Medium Low
Constructing a permanent and dignified choir space, and sanctuary renovations which will include updating the sound system.
Replacing the church roof
Replacing the boilers
Removing and repaving the church parking lot
Replacing the windows in the Faith Formation Center and Rectory
Replacing the flooring in Vandenberg Hall

* Are there other components not listed that you consider as top priorities?

* Are there any priorities you would not support?

* 5.  What do you believe are the benefits of the proposed projects?

* 6.  Do you think $1,012,000 can be raised in a fundraising campaign directed to the parishioners of St. Paul Parish in support of parish projects and campaign?

* 7.  With regard to your involvement, would you:

  Yes No Possibly
a.  Give to the campaign
b.  Serve on the committee
c.  Solicit gifts

* 8.  Could you support the campaign at a level above and beyond your regular support of St. Paul Parish if pledges could be paid over a three to five year period?

* 9.  This is not a solicitation, but it would be helpful for planning purposes if you could estimate the potential range of your campaign gift (above and beyond your regular giving) over a three to five-year period:

* 10.  Should St. Paul Parish conduct the proposed campaign to address the parish needs?

* 11.  Do you have any additional comments you would like to share regarding the parish or any suggestions/advice you would offer to the leadership of St. Paul Parish?