Parent Survey

Within a school there are certain practices and characteristics that affect student learning and the overall performance of the school. To change or improve, it is first necessary to understand what is happening in your child’s school and what students as well as parents/families are experiencing. Your feedback is important to provide the best possible education for your child.

Question Title

* 1. Think about the following statements and decide to what degree you think each statement is ALMOST ALWAYS TRUE, OFTEN TRUE, SOMETIMES TRUE, SELDOM TRUE, or ALMOST NEVER TRUE in your school. Leave blank those ques- tions you can’t answer.

  Almost Always True Often True Sometimes True Seldom True Almost Never True
This school communicates with me about my child's progress
This school offers activities that are of interest to my child
I am comfortable expressing my ideas or concerns to the administrator(s) of this school
The schoolwork my child is assigned is relevant to his/her future success
I understand the expectations and standards of this school
I believe adults in this school care about my child
My child is challenged with a rigorous, ambitious course of study at this school
This school believes and expects that all students can meet state standards
Parents/families and employees at this school talk respectfully with one another
The principal or other administrators at this school listen to my ideas/concerns
Bullying/harassment is not tolerated in this school
Teachers have high expectations for student learning at this school
I am informed about what is happening at school
Teachers in this school are dedicated to helping all students succeed
School employees are respectful and courteous of one another
My child likes to come to school
My child feels that school is a safe place
This school provides a caring/supportive environment for my child
Additional help is available to my child if he/she needs it
Parents/families have input into plans for improving this school
Teachers in this school provide students with a variety of learning opportunities
Parents/families participate in important decisions about their child's education
My child learns about the cultures of our community at his or her school
This school celebrates student success