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If there is another hung parliament the Liberal Democrats will probably form an alliance with Labour
Nick Clegg may not be every Tory's cup of tea but no other Liberal Democrat leader would have formed a coalition with the Conservatives
Cameron should agree to state funding of political parties if that means we get the boundary review in return
George Osborne's ability to deliver a good growth policy is seriously limited by the nature of the Coalition
Backbench Tory MPs are right to campaign for a simpler tax system and more deregulation
By the time of the next election it will be clear that the Coalition's economic medicine is working
The Conservative manifesto was clear that there would be no third runway at Heathrow and parties should always try to honour manifesto commitments
Tory MPs who liken David Cameron to a chambermaid or a mouse should be ashamed of themselves
If David Cameron looks like he will lose the next election he should be replaced in about 12 to 18 months
Boris Johnson is capable of being Tory leader and Prime Minister
Labour are only 10% ahead at the moment. They should be further ahead at this stage of the parliament.
In the reshuffle Cameron should appoint one of the party's Welsh MPs to be Secretary of State for Wales and not another MP from an English seat.