We want to learn how you feel about your school. Please answer honestly to help us know you better.

* 1. I am a ...

* 2. My teacher wants me to learn

* 3. In my school I am treated with respect

* 4. My teacher wants me to do my best

* 5. I learn new things at school

* 6. My teacher makes me think

* 7. I know what to do every day in school

* 8. My family knows how I do in school

* 9. I feel safe at school

* 10. I use technology to learn at school

* 11. My teacher tells me when I do good work

* 12. I have fun at school

* 13. My teacher wants me to be kind and respectful to others.

* 14. My parents help me with my homework.

* 15. I know what to do in case of an emergency at school.

* 16. My school is clean and looks nice.

* 17. Students get along with each other at my school.