2017 Merchandising Survey

When it asks you to check a circle, you can only pick one response, if it has a box you may have multiple answers.
Comments are able to be made by marking the other categories.

* 1. Will you attend the 2017 ARCNA XXXIII (Alaska Refional Convention Narcotics Anonymous)

* 2. Do you anticipate buying merchandise?

* 3. Would you preorder merchandise with your registration?

* 4. Do you intend to buy

* 5. How much do you plan on spending on merchandizing?

* 6. What kind of mugs do you prefer?

* 7. If a less expensice BASIC (convention info, no logo design) t shirt and/or mug are available IN ADDITION TO normal logo themed items, would you purchase?

* 8. Do you prefer...

* 9. What size do you normally purchase?

* 10. Regarding t shirts, do you prefer