Mid-Level Manager Survey

As WACUHO continues to identify ways to best support and develop mid-level managers, the MLM committee needs further guidance and insight from the overall membership on what is needed. All members of WACUHO are encouraged to fill out this survey as the MLM committee is working to assess how the region defines a mid-level manager. This includes thoughts from those that identify as entry-level and senior-level professionals. 

* 1. Which level would you consider yourself to be at on the professional spectrum?

* 2. How many years do you have as a professional within student housing and/or residential life (please do not count years as a graduate level staff member).

* 3. Which position title most closely aligns with your current position or role?

* 4. How many beds in your housing/residential life operation?

* 5. How satisfied are you with the resources and programs WACUHO provides for mid-level managers? (0 = very unsatisfied, 10 = very satified)

i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 6. Please rank the level of importance for each ACUHO-I Core Competencies areas as they pertain to a mid-level manager being able to do their job.

  Not Important Somewhat Important Important Very Important
Ancillary Partnerships
Conference Services
Crisis Management
Dining Services
Evaluation and Planning
Facilities Management
Fiscal Resources and Control
Human Resources
Information Technology
Resident Educational Services
Student Behavior

* 7. What is it that mid-level managers need from WACUHO?