Thanks for your help! I'm hosting a workshop at the upcoming Core77 Conference (called How to Future Proof Your Next Idea) that will have participants collaborate on a range of scenarios for the future of the design industry. Having your thoughts in advance will greatly help us put together a workshop that incorporates themes from the leaders of our industry! Thanks again, Mike

* 1. Based your career and experiences, what things are certain to impact and shape the design discipline over the next 5 years?

* 2. What things are uncertain about the design discipline over the next 5 years? When you think about design, what keeps you up at night?

* 3. Your Name

* 4. Please describe yourself.

Thanks again. We are going to work with Core77 to publish the results of our workshop after the conference, and we'll be sure to credit you in whatever we create! Check back on their site in a few weeks for some kind of recap that summarizes everything.