Sign up for a chance to test Crash Bandicoot: On The Run!

Lace up your sneakers and roll up your pants, everyone - as you know, we are hard at work on a mobile game featuring some old friends...and we need some new friends to jump in. Jump on. Possibly even through. It's pretty wild in here.

There will be room for all kinds of Crash fans, so even if you've never been in a beta test before, please sign up! If you've got any experience with hunting bugs and breaking games on purpose, please make sure you let us know.

Some quick notes before you start: The test will be English-only, and we'll use Apple's Test Flight, so you'll need to be a player on iOS devices. And you'll have to sign an NDA, which means you'll need to be over 18 in order to participate at all. If you're okay with those things...what are you waiting for! Start tapping!

(One last little legal note: We will store and use your responses to this questionnaire in accordance with our Privacy Policy.)

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