1. Project Based Approaches (CD) Feedback Survey - for Participants

The IntelĀ® Teach Elements: Project-Based Approaches Course includes five modules of interactive e-learning lessons with additional Your Turn activities to apply the learning in an action plan for project-based learning in your classroom.

* 1. How many modules and lessons did you complete?

* 2. What are the (a) success (b) challenges with this format of training?

* 3. Would you take it again this way or encourage others to take it this way?

* 4. On average, how long did it take you to complete a module (including the action plan activities)?

* 5. How relevant would you say the content is for someone learning about project-based learning?

* 6. How well do you feel you did with your action plan?

* 7. Did you find the Your Turn Action Plan activities useful?

* 8. Did the level of detail meet your needs?

* 9. Will this course impact the way you teach?

* 10. The information given here is useful for both the trainer and the participants to interact after this training.