Help Ease New Sea Warrior Ohana Members' Transition to HPU

Please take a few minutes to offer your words of wisdom to new HPU families! We sincerely appreciate your time and knowledge. Mahalo!

* 1. Where would you recommend a parent of an incoming student to stay while visiting Oahu?

* 2. How would you recommend sending items to the island?

* 3. Do you think a car is necessary when visiting your HPU student?

* 4. What is your preferred method of transportation when visiting the island?

* 5. What should HPU or New Student Orientation have told you that we didn't?

* 6. What travel tips do you have for mainland and international families?

* 7. My favorite thing to do on Oahu with my family is:

* 8. The best piece of advice I've given my student is:

* 9. Advice I wish I would have given my student:

* 10. My biggest piece of advice to a new Sea Warrior PARENT is:

* 11. What did your student do with their belongings over the summer?