1. New Student Parent Orientation 2007

Please take the time to fill out the following evaluation. Your input is greatly appreciated as your feedback will help us make changes to the parent orientation portion of our new student orientation program.

* 1. Did you attend Genesis during the summer?

* 2. The information I received prior to orientation was helpful.

* 3. All the information I received about the Thursday check-in was communicated to me prior to arriving.

* 4. The information presented during the "Being a Fox Parent" workshop (Friday) at orientation was different than the information presented during Genesis.

* 5. The "Being a Fox parent" program was beneficial.

* 6. The check-in process was organized well.

* 7. I visited the Parent Hospitality tent during orientation.

* 8. I found the Parent Hospitatlity tent to be a helpful resource.

* 9. The University Welcome (Thursday night) was beneficial.

* 10. I attended the Late Night at Fred Meyer event.

* 11. I attended the financial literacy workshop on Friday morning.

* 12. The information presented at the financial literacy workshop was helpful.

* 13. I was happy with the quality of the food during orientation.

* 14. I was happy with the available food options.

* 15. The prayer dedication service was beneficial.

* 16. My student is

* 17. I participated during the following days of orientation.

* 18. We live within the following areas.

* 19. The orientation staff was available and helpful.

* 20. Overall I would rate the parent orientation:

* 21. Did you visit the Orientation website before arriving to Fox?

* 22. Did you find it helpful? Why or why not?

* 23. Did you read the orientation newsletter before arriving to Fox?

* 24. Did you find it helpful? Why or why not?

* 25. What would you like to have known before arriving to campus?

* 26. What would you change about parent orientation?

* 27. What did you like the most?

* 28. What did you like the least?

* 29. Additional Comments:

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