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* 1. I will be attending the 2009 Fight Back at the Capitol.

* 2. Please provide your contact information:

* 3. Mailing Address (if different, i.e PO Box).

* 4. Preferred Email Address:

* 5. Preferred Phone:

* 6. Emergency Contact Information:

* 7. Are you a cancer survivor or a caregiver?

* 8. If you feel comfortable answering, what type of cancer?

* 9. State legislators you know personally or would like to meet with at Fight Back at the Capitol: (We will do our best to fulfill all requests.)

* 10. Hotel room accommodations for March 5, 2008. Hotel is provided first come, first served based on volunteers who are traveling. Hotel information will be sent with confirmation packet.

* 11. Transportation is provided from St. Cloud and Duluth. Vans will be provided for volunteers who are traveling.

* 12. Personal Accommodation Requests: