* If you’ve purchased a block of classes, please notify me (using the survey in each Friday’s newsletter) no later than the day before the class you wish to attend. If you have purchased a class on a specific date(s) through Michaels (either online or at a store), you do not need to fill out the survey (though it would help me if you did).

You can cancel or reschedule a class if you notify me no later than the day before your registered class. If you are registered for a specific date, or have told me you are coming and then don’t show, you will be charged for the missed class.

Michaels will offer refunds for future classes in store only.

There is no refund for private lessons. You can reschedule a lesson if you notify me no later than 24 hours prior to your scheduled lesson.

I will contact you prior to class if I need to cancel. If you haven't contacted me in advance to sign up, I won't be able to reach you if class is cancelled.

Only paid students will be allowed in the classroom. Please do not bring children unless they are attending class as a paid student.

Children over the age of 10 are welcome to take any class. I strongly suggest that a parent or guardian also take class with the child. In all instances, a responsible adult must remain in the building while any children under the age of 18 is participating in class.

Please KEEP YOUR RECEIPT in case there is any confusion as to how many classes you purchased.

You must attend class at the store where you've purchased classes.

I have read and understand the Class Policies: