1. Demographics and Community Needs for Israeli Cultural Programs

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We want to hear from you to plan Israeli cultural and educational programs in San Diego that you want and need.

The Tarbuton, Israeli Cultural Center is run by volunteers and has a Non-Profit Board and a Community Leadership Team that help nurture Israeli culture in San Diego. The Tarbuton is a registered non profit, a 501c3.

If you would like to volunteer to assist with programs we'd love to have you join us.

Tarbuton - http://www.tarbuton.org or 858-245-9375 or info@tarbuton.org


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* 1. Gender - מין

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* 2. Marital Status - מצב משפחתי

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* 3. Age - גיל

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* 4. Ages of Children (Please indicate how many children in each age range) -
גילאי ילדים- אנא סמנו כמה ילדים יש בכל קבוצת גיל

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* 5. In order to better plan programming that meets your needs, please share where you were raised:
(in each case 3 or more years is sufficient for the windows of youth described below)

  K-8th grade High School
Southern Africa
S. America

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* 6. Do you speak another language(s) (other than English)?

  At home (with children or spouse) Fluently but not spoken at home Conversational skills Basic knowledge

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* 7. What is the longest period of time you have spent in Israel.
מה אופי הקשר שלכם לישראל

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* 8. Tell us more about your connection to Israel? (answer all that apply)

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* 9. Children Educational Programs - תכניות חינוכיות

Programs are offered at our Carmel Valley location. Hebrew for bi-lingual students and beginners/continuing students. This is how we accommodate multi-levels and students advance at their natural pace.

התכניות מוצעות לדו-לשוניים ובנפרד לאמריקאים ברמת מתחילים. השיעורים הנם נפרדים במטרה לאפשר לתלמידים להתקדם בקצב המתאים להם.

  Would definitely sign up! Interested, but depends on... Interested for when my kids are older Probably Not Not Interested
CHILDREN - Hebrew Reading/Writing
CHILDREN - Hebrew Conversational
CHILDREN - Jewish Holidays/Israel -Torah Stories, Israeli style Jewish Traditions and Israel based education
CHILDREN - Bar/Bat Mitzvah Year "Shnat Mitzvah" Program
CHILDREN - Cooking in Hebrew
CHILDREN - Drumming in Hebrew
CHILDREN - Israeli Singing Group
CHILDREN - Israeli Dance Troupe
CHILDREN - Keitana - Hebrew Immersion Summer Camp
TEENS - Hebrew for High School Credit

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* 10. Hebrew in Public School

We offer Hebrew in the Del Mar School District and Solana Beach After School Enrichment Programs. Classes are held on the public school campus immediately after school ends.

We'd love to hear from families in other schools with interest. Developing a successful program requires sufficient numbers of students to offer the classes. However, we are happy to gather information to determine if classes might be viable at your location.

Please indicate if your children attend the schools below or enter your child's school in the "Other" section:

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* 11. Adult Educational Programs - תכניות חינוכיות

  Would definitely sign up! Interested, but depends on... Probably Not Not Interested
ADULTS - Hebrew - Ulpan (Conversational Hebrew Focus)
ADULTS - Israeli Advocacy Training
ADULTS - Cooking
ADULTS - Drumming

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* 12. Holidays, Shabbat and Tikkun Olam - Meeting, Socializing and connecting to our Community
שבתות וחגים- מפגשים חברתיים וקשרי קהילה

  Would definitely sign up! Interested, but depends on... Probably Not Not Interested
FAMILIES - Shabbat Dinners
FAMILIES - Israeli Community Pesach Seder
FAMILIES - Israeli Community Rosh HaShanah Dinner
FAMILIES - Mommy & Infant Playgroup - Kishkushim (playdates, weekly meetings, shaat sipur (storytimes)
FAMILIES - Jewish holiday parties (Purim, Hannukah, etc.)
FAMILIES - Camping Trips
FAMILIES - Hiking Trips
FAMILIES - Single Parent Social Activities
ADULTS ONLY - Jewish holiday parties (Purim, Hannukah, etc.)
ADULTS ONLY - Shabbat Dinners
ADULTS ONLY - Hiking Trips
ADULTS ONLY - Single Social Events - 25-35ish
ADULTS ONLY - Single Social Events - 40-60ish
ADULTS ONLY - Seniors Social Events
ADULTS ONLY - Community Newspaper or Newsletter in Hebrew

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* 13. Israeli Cultural Events - If the following activities were planned please indicate your level of interest and preference for in Hebrew or English.

אירועי תרבות ישראלית- במידה ויתוכננו האירועים הבאים, אנא ציינו את מידת הענין שלכם בפעילויות השונות והעדפה לקיים אותם בעברית/אנגלית

  Would definitely sign up! Interested, but depends on... Probably Not Not Interested Yes, but in Hebrew Yes, but in English Either English or Hebrew is fine
FAMILIES - ISRAELI Cultural events in Hebrew: Children's plays, puppet shows
ADULTS ONLY - Shira b'Tzibur (Singing classic Israeli songs with friends with Guitar/Music Accompaniment)
ADULTS ONLY - Israeli Book Club - Israeli literature and discussion in Hebrew
ADULTS ONLY - Israeli Monthly Movie Night - Older Films ok - Gatherings and socializing are the primary purpose
ADULTS ONLY - Israeli Monthly Movie Night - Only Newer Films (this year's films)
ADULTS ONLY - Israeli Cultural events in Hebrew: and One Man shows or Lectures, Israeli Authors or Israeli comedians

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* 14. Israel Connection - Work in Israel, Dealing with Citizenship Issues, Aliyah

הקשר הישראלי- עבודה בישראל, סוגיות אזרחות, עלייה

  Would definitely sign up! Interested, but depends on... Probably Not Not Interested Yes, but only if in Hebrew Yes, but only if in English Either Hebrew or English is fine
Jobfairs highlighting Israeli companies
Activities to raise money for Israel
Assistance with returning to Israel
Answers about immigration/aliyah

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* 15. We'd like to know in what other ways you currently participate in organized Jewish or Israel related activities in San Diego (please check all that apply)

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* 16. Please provide your e-mail address(optional)if you would like us to contact you based on your interests and/or you do not currently receive our newsletter.

Please add any additional comments below. If you'd like to volunteer or can assist with our fund raising effort we'd love to hear from you as well.

אנא רשמו את כתובת האי-מייל שלכם אם ברצונכם להצטרף לרשימת הדיוור של התרבותון וכיף לי סן-דייגו.

נשמח לקבל את הערות והמלצות בנוגע לפעילויות נוספות או תכניות שברצונכם לקיים בסן דייגו.

אנא עדכנו אותנו אם ברצונכם להתנדב או לתמוך בתכניות מסוימות, או אם ביכולתם לסייע לנו במאמצים לגיוס כספים