Pre-Poll Purpose

The Summit will inspire conversation on equipping the HPE teachers of tomorrow with the best knowledge, skills and attitudes possible. Your responses here will be the building blocks to co-constructing a HPE philosophy and framing the philosophy with strategies. The Summit outcomes will be captured in a communique for the HPE community to share. Thank you for your valuable contribution.
Pre-Polling closes Thursday 12 October. 

* 1. What are the current strengths of HPE initial teacher education? (Please list between 1 and 5 key points)

* 2. What are the challenges that confront HPE initial teacher education? (Please list between 1 and 5 key points)

* 3. What are the educational principles that should underpin HPE initial teacher education? (Please list between 1 and 5 key points)

* 4. How should ITE programs prepare HPE teachers for the 21st Century? (Please list between 1 and 5 key points)

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