Your input is important! Please let us know what you think about the "Standards"

* 1. Do you agree that Historic Preservation is a worthwhile goal for Smithville?

* 2. To what extent do you believe the "Standards" will accomplish the following:

  A lot Somewhat Not much I don't know
Preserve the Historic Commercial District
Preserve Smithville's "look, feel, and charm" 
Produce positive economic development outcomes
Increase tourism
Increase Smithville's quality of life
Increase the burdens on property owners
Increase tax burdens on residents

* 3. What is your overall impression of the
"Smithville Historic Commercial District Design Standards"?

* 4. What do you support most in this document?

* 5. What do you support least and/or oppose in this document?

* 6. Please enter the page number and text of any passages you would like to see changed, and please let us know how you would like it to be changed.

* 7. Other Comments/Suggestions

Please contact Jill Strube if you would like to discuss this document in more detail.