Volunteer Interest

Dear Parents:

I am delighted to serve as the High Point Parent Auxiliary Chair this year. As such, I am responsible for coordinating parent volunteers for the many events that High Point enjoys. My family has been a part of the High Point community for 8 years. My husband and I have two children, one is in the 7th grade the other is in 4th grade. Volunteering at High Point has enriched my family’s experience at our school. We have made so many wonderful friends who will be a part of our lives for years to come.

I welcome and encourage your involvement at High Point. Our school has many events to fit your niche. If your schedule permits you to spend time on campus during the school day, High Point has many opportunities during art, library, lunch, and sporting events. If you love planning special events, have a flair for decor, like to fundraise, have technical expertise, etc., High Point needs your help. While art and library times will be coordinated by individual room parents, other events are covered on the attached survey. One area that will require an enthusiastic group of parents is our Spring Day at the Races, which will take place in April.

I urge you to complete the attached volunteer interest survey today! The enthusiastic parent response I receive makes my job a pleasure and enriches the experience of every student at our school. I look forward to serving beside you, and I value the gift of your time.
Jolie Solomon
PAX Chair 2016-18

* 1. Contact Information (One form per parent unless you both want to work the SAME events.)

* 2. Preferred Email Address

* 3. Please enter your child(ren)'s name and grade.

* 4. Please enter the second Parent's name and email if both parents want to work the same events.  If you want to work different events please fill out separate forms.

* 5. Fundraisers and Events

* 6. Hospitality

* 7. Lunch Service

* 8. Thursday Hot Lunch Program 11:15 am - 1:00 pm.
Choose up to two hot lunches you would like to work. Please do not choose more than two. You are committing to once a month per choice.

* 9. Special Projects & Service

* 10. Sports Boosters - Junior High

* 11. Room Parents and Parent Grade-Level Parties

Thank you!