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Innovation Zone Requirements
Your demonstration must reflect technology that is innovative, game changing and important to entertainment markets including production, post production, broadcast, distribution, OTTs or related areas. It must provide attendees with solution(s) that are unique and, if possible, demonstrate integrated workflows for distinctive services. Experimental products and new concepts or products are of particular interest. Start ups or creative solutions are most welcome.

This is not a Trade Show or Exhibit Hall. The Innovation Zone is a unique environment providing an opportunity for meaningful interaction with engineers, studio executives and individuals involved in the creative process. It is an area for discussion and building professional relationships.

If you haven't thoroughly reviewed the Innovation Zone Information, please do that before continuing.

By submitting a request for inclusion in the Innovation Zone you are indicating your acceptance of all the conditions required for participation as outlined in the Innovation Zone Information, including the space fee and registration requirements.

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* 6. Darkened space may be available at an additional cost. Please check box below for someone to contact you with more details.

* 7. Is this a first demonstration of the technology or product?

* 8. If "No" to #7, when was it shown before?

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For questions, please email: innovation.zone@hpaonline.com