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Thank you for your interest in this course.

The purpose of this survey is collect your goals, performance needs, and learning  expectations as the planning committee refines course materials. Whether directly or indirectly related to NCQA Standards, we seek to consider all information pertaining to your professional goals for the planning committee to optimize your learning experience.

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* 1. What current issues, directly or indirectly related to Accreditation, are the highest priority for your organization?

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* 2. What scenarios are most important for your team/department to resolve?

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* 3. To what extent do you agree that advancing your professional competencies or performance through the following modes may be valuable to you or your profession?

  Completely Agree Agree Somewhat Agree Somewhat Disagree Disagree Completely Disagree
Professional Certification
Professional Certificate (non-credentials)
Learning Collaborative
Membership Access (all-inclusive)
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