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Online directory of VT bands & musicians
Online directory of VT live music venues
Online directory of practice spaces
Online directory of recording studios
Online directory of record stores that sell local music
Online directory of media in VT (newspapers, radio stations, blogs)
Online directory of sound reinforcement resources
Online directory of instrument shops
Public listening library of VT-made music
Online VT music shop
Bricks-and-mortar VT music shop (in Burlington)
Put VT music into welcome centers to be heard by visitors
Play VT music on a radio station dedicated to it
Stream VT music 24-hours, via web and mobile
Produce sampler CDs to promote VT music
Present workshops and panels with independent musician career topics
Loan 15-passenger vans to VT bands who need a vehicle to tour
Let VT music be heard through the music office web site
Advocate to the state legislature for more funding supporting VT music (grants, music office support)
Present concerts that are simulcast on the radio, TV, and online
Publish radio and web interviews of bands with Creative Commons license to re-publish anywhere
Free wifi at music office for traveling musicians
Publish interactive 3-D "virtual tour" photos in the venue directory, from the perspective of musicians standing on each stage
Host regional and state music summits that bring musicians together for concerts and panels
Host music-themed documentary films
Host a free, all-ages music festival in Burlington presenting regional bands and underground genres
Advocate for local and state policies that support the inclusive interests of the music community
Manage an alcohol-free all-ages performance space that does not cost rent to present live music to the community

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