Introduction- Housing Tool Kit

Over the last few years, more and more people and their families/support networks have become actively engaged in planning for their future. This movement has been partially spurred by recent  community-based projects that  provided replicable examples of  creative, inclusive and cost-effective housing solutions for adults with developmental disabilities. 

We are creating a Housing Tool Kit In order to assist people, their families and their support networks in their planning. We estimate the survey to take you under 5 minutes to complete. Please take a few minutes to provide us with feedback in order to develop a  Tool Kit  that can support your planning.

Please complete this survey by June 15, 2018. Thank you in advance for your assistance and participation. If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Casey at .

* 1. Please choose the region that best describes your home-community (the community you are currently living).

* 2. What is the age of the person who is planning or who you are supporting in their planning?

* 3. Of the following options, how would you describe your current stage of planning?

* 4. The following topics will be covered in the Housing Tool Kit:

  About planning
  Values: Strength based and community based 
  Where to start: What/who is already in my life
  Where I go from here
  The value of Independent Facilitation
Developing your profile
 Tools to develop your profile
  Identifying your likes, abilities and places
  How to use your profile(hiring,housemates,etc.)
Exploring your Vision
   How to develop a Vision 
   Where: Region, urban/rural, etc.
   What: Activities I hope to do during my day
   With whom: Relationships to maintain or build
Developing your model:
   Learn about other success stories
   List what you have
   List what you want/need
   Determining the cost
Building your team:
   Natural and formal supports
   How to develop, strengthen and maintain
   How to employ support staff
   How to use technology to enhance support
   Safeguarding: Maximize technology
Moving towards your vision:
   Goal development and tracking success
   How to develop SMART goals
   12 areas of focus & your checklist for each area
   Ongoing meetings with your team
Start practicing:
   The value of respite
    Building self-reliance/independence skills
Finding your housing partners:
    Housemates: Finding them and keeping them
    Like minded families to share knowledge
    Sharing resources
    Engaging the community
    How to maintain your creative model
    Ongoing Facilitation
     Estate Planning and maximizing your funding
     Formalizing your Team:Microboards
Agency Partnerships:
    Engaging local transfer payment agencies
    The value of sharing your Vision/Plan
    Individualized Residential Funds
Checklists, Tip Sheets and Tools
     Local checklists, tip sheets and tools
     Provincial checklists, tip sheets and tools

Are there any topics you feel we have missed? Please provide comments or suggestions below.  

* 5. In what format would you prefer the Housing Tool Kit be available for your use?

* 6. In what language do you prefer to receive information?

* 7. Ideally (in a perfect world), when do you hope to put your plan into action?

* 8. Thank you for completing the survey- please add any other comment to help us provide you with the most useful information to support your planning.