envisionHOPEDALE: Take the Survey!

The Town of Hopedale is collaborating with the Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission (CMRPC) to create a Master Plan. This plan, that we would like you to help author, lays out a vision for the community’s future over the next ten years and a roadmap to get there. A Master Plan aims to take a comprehensive look at the elements that shape a community including:

  • Land Use
  • Population and Housing
  • Economic Development
  • Open Space and Recreation
  • Transportation and Circulation
  • Municipal Facilities and Services and Schools

We are tackling this project in phases. The first phase was just wrapped up in late 2021. That phase explored land use, housing, economic development, and natural and cultural resources. Work is under way for the open space and recreation chapter. In this final phase, we want to learn what you think about transportation and services and facilities in town.

Quick note: throughout this survey, the phrase “Town” refers to the Hopedale’s municipal government and the word “town” refers to Hopedale as a community.

Keep an eye out for our Visioning Workshop in the coming months where you can help us to shape this plan. At the end of the survey, you can sign up to stay informed and follow us on social media.

The entire survey should take about 20 minutes. We cannot build this plan without you. Please take this survey and encourage the people around you to do so as well.

Jim Abbruzzese, Chair of the Master Plan Steering Committee