The Oklahoma Hall of Fame was founded in 1927 to recognize its citizens who are dedicated to the betterment of mankind, illustrate the collective story of our state, and provide educational opportunities for Oklahomans of all ages.  To date the Oklahoma Hall of Fame has inducted more than 700 individuals who have provided leadership in times of need, made a meaningful impact on others, and elevated the level of pride in our state.  Each Honoree who has received our state’s highest honor is part of a unique population of business leaders, physicians, scientists, public servants, philanthropists, artists, and personalities known outside the limits of their own communities.   
To update an individual's nomination information, please evaluate the following criteria, assemble the official nomination, and submit the requested information on or before the March 1st deadline for that year.
To be eligible for induction into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame an individual must:
  • be a resident or former resident of the State of Oklahoma.
  • have performed outstanding service to humanity, the State of Oklahoma, or the United States.
  • have brought honor or distinction to the State of Oklahoma through their efforts and contributions.
All nominees are evaluated on merit, not endorsement. Criteria for selection includes:   
  • Overall service to others
  • Unique contributions
  • Examples of leadership (professionally and personally)
  • Inspiration to others
  • Fostering pride in Oklahoma
  • Social, geographic, and professional diversity
Should the nominee be selected for induction, he/she must commit to attend in person and participate in an on-stage presentation during the induction ceremony in November.

The Oklahoma Hall of Fame depends on the public to nominate extraordinary Oklahomans. To fully understand the level of achievement the organization is looking for please refer to the biographies of previous Inductees on our website. The Oklahoma Hall of Fame seeks to recognize those individuals who have reached a high level of success in their professional career, have a significant accomplishment or contribution that sets them apart from others in a similar field of work or community, have a history of serving others, are an inspiration for future generations, and have positively impacted Oklahoma.
  • All nomination forms must be complete and submitted on or before the deadline of March 1st. 
  • An individual cannot be considered for induction if not formally nominated. 
  • It is recommended that the person nominating an individual have a personal relationship with the nominee to provide complete facts, fully illustrate the characteristics and achievements of a nominee, and have the ability to provide current contact information should that person be selected for induction. 
  • All portions of the nomination form are required—incomplete forms will not be considered.  
  • Please do not create your own format or questions.
  • Please keep a copy of all materials submitted to our office. 
    • Required supporting materials:
      • Digital, high resolution, color photo of nominee
      • Current vita or resume for the nominee
    • Recommended supporting materials:
      • Letters of support (limit 2)
    • Unacceptable items:
      • Additional books, videos, or photographs by or of the nominee.  As a nonprofit we do not have the ability to return additional items.    
      • Nomination materials bound or packaged in an effort to make a nomination standout.  All materials are prepared and presented to the committee in a standard format.     
The Oklahoma Hall of Fame receives many nominations within a given year.  With 6 to 8 Honorees selected annually, many deserving individuals, both living and deceased, are not selected for induction when initially nominated. 

Updates following the initial nomination are encouraged and can be submitted annually using the Nominee Update Form available on our website.

For additional information or assistance please contact Brenda Schwartz, Director of Honoree and Board Relations at 405.523.3209 or