* 1. What type of project were our staff reviewing?

* 2. When did you complete your plan review project? If project is still active give date when project began.


* 3. I am a ?

* 4. How often do you submit plans for restaurant / health plan review?

* 5. Where did you submit your plan?

* 6. How would you rate your experience with the staff at the office where you submitted?

* 7. How easy was it to get in touch with your Wake County Plan Reviewer?

* 8. Which Wake County staff person reviewed your project?

* 9. During construction visits with a Wake County staff member, were all issues thoroughly explained?

* 10. Did you ever call our call Center? (919-856-7400)

* 11. Was the Call Center staff courteous / helpful?

* 12. Did you use www.WakeGov.com to help you with your plan review project?

* 13. During the plan review process, were you notified promptly of unresolved issues?

* 14. After completing the plan review process, is your business open and operating?

* 15. What changes in the plan review process would have made things go more smoothly?