* 1. Do you try to minimize impacts to the storm water system by not over watering/fertilizing?

* 2. Do you know how to report an illicit storm water discharge (illegal dumping/disposal in North Logan's storm water system) to the proper authorities?

* 3. Do you know how and/or where to properly dispose of chemicals, fuels, oils, paints?

* 4. Are there any storm water concerns in your neighborhood?

* 5. If you answered yes to Q2, will you please list some of your concerns:

* 6. Have you witnessed drop boxes with leaves building up on the side of the road?

* 7. If you answered yes to Q6, could you provide a rough address of the grate (drop box) in the curb?

* 8. Would you be willing to aid North Logan City's staff by adopting a storm water feature (basin, gutter, drop box, culvert) near your home?

* 9. If you answered yes to Q8, could you please provide your name and email address or phone number, so that we can provide you with additional information? Or, if you would like additional information regarding any of the questions in this survey, please email Alan at: alan@northlogancity.org