Brought to you by the Committee to Extend Summer Swimming (CESS-Pool)

Please take a minute to complete this short survey, which aims to help the Arlington Village Board understand how the AV pool is used and whether next year residents would like summer swimming to be extended through September, if possible. You can also reach us at

* 1. You must be a resident of Arlington Village or Arlington Village Courtyard Condominiums to complete this survey. That's why we ask for your name and unit number. Please provide an email so that we can keep you informed of developments relating to the pool. Your personal information will be kept in strict confidence.

* 2. Do you rent or own your home?

* 3. Do you live in Arlington Village or Arlington Village Courtyard Condominium?

* 6. Do you have school-aged children?

* 7. How do you and your family/guests use the pool?

  I My spouse/partner My kids My guest(s)
Lap swimming
Don't use it at all

* 8. Would you sign up for a fee-based aerobics class at the Arlington Village pool?

* 9. When do you use the pool?

* 10. WEEKDAYS: Which hours do you use the pool:

* 11. WEEKDAYS: would you use the pool early in the morning (6-9 am) if that were an option?

* 12. Would you like for the Arlington Village pool to be open through the end of September next year if favorable terms can be negotiated in our contract?