The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) currently implements the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Lead and Copper Rule which regulates water systems for lead.  However, the Lead and Copper Rule’s primary focus is individual residences; it does not require testing in schools or daycares.  Therefore, DENR and Department of Social Services (DSS) have partnered together to offer voluntary drinking water testing for lead in licensed childcare facilities and registered family day care homes at no cost to the child-care provider! Should the result indicate a problem, the licensed childcare facilities or registered provider will receive technical assistance on how to fix the problem and reimbursement for costs incurred.

This opportunity is limited to the first 300 licensed facilities and registered daycare providers.  Lead poses the highest amount of risk to young children and testing on your own can be costly so we urge you to complete the enrollment application today to ensure your facility will be included in the Spring 2021 testing period. Enrollment ends December 15, 2020.  

How does lead enter drinking water in a childcare environment?

Lead typically enters drinking water through your home or facility’s plumbing or a service line (a pipe that delivers water from the street water main to a facility/home). Common sources of lead within facilities are fixtures (faucets, water coolers, etc.), copper lines with lead solder, and a variety of in-line leaded brass components such as shut-off valves. Unfortunately, sources of lead may exist in new and old buildings alike as the “lead-free” standard for plumbing materials allowed up to 8% lead until 2014. In addition, water chemistry may affect how lead gets in the water. Sampling drinking water is the best way to identify lead risk in the plumbing system.

To aid you in this process, DENR has partnered with 120Water to assist us in providing you with the expertise you need to ensure success.  Each eligible facility will receive access to 120’s software platform that is tailored to track your individual facility’s testing data, one-on-one technical support for sample planning and collection, and sample analysis and remediation guidance at no cost. Additionally, should a lead problem be found, your facility will be eligible to be reimbursed for costs incurred to fix the problem. We know time demands on childcare staff are significant, so we designed this program to be as simple as possible.  

Once enrolled and accepted, an online training for childcare providers/staff will be available to further explain how to collect samples, interpret results and the best way to share your results with the public. You will have assistance from beginning to end. 

Additional information is provided at the following website [Insert Website] to learn more about the program and requirements for participants.

After submitting the application, you will receive a confirmation email and phone call from Erin Fagnan, DENR, within 5 business days.

Please contact Erin Fagnan at or (605)-394-2229 with any questions.

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* 1. Please tell us the name of your licensed child care facility. If you are a family daycare provider what is the name on your registration certificate?

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* 2. Please tell us your licensing number for the above named child care facility/family day care home.  This number is found on the license or registration certificate. 

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* 3. Please provide the total number of children presently enrolled in your childcare facility or registered family daycare.

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* 4. Please tell us which technology device you are most comfortable using, for example, smart phone, ipad, laptop, desktop, or none

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* 5. Please tell us the name of your water provider or utility:

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* 6. Please provide us with contact information (Name, Email, Phone)

Program Owner: This person will be the direct point of contact for the day to day communications, sampling activities and remediation services.  Essentially the 'boots on the ground' person at the child care facility. 

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* 7. Please provide us with contact information (Name, Email, Phone). For a family daycare home, this is the same information as asked in Question 5.

Program Collaborators
: Aside from the Program Owner, who should receive results letters when sampling is complete: This person is often the Facility Owner (if not listed as Program Owner), or Media Relations/Public Relations Team.