Cascade Days Survey

We care about your opinions!

Before we make decisions about Cascade Days 2023, we'd like to learn what's most important to the community. What have you enjoyed in the past? What activities do you most often participate in? What activities don't matter as much to you? What would you like to see in the future that hasn't been done? If you have more to say that won't fit here, please send an email to: CHAMBER@CONCRETE-WA.COM.
1.How often have you attended Cascade Days in Concrete?
2.What are the main activities you participate in?
3.Event Format: Friday? Saturday? Sunday?
History: In its earliest years, the event took place on Friday and Saturday. Later, it became Saturday and Sunday. For many years, the parade and car show were both held on Saturdays. In 2022, the parade was on Saturday and the car show was Sunday. In your opinion, what's the ideal format for the event?
4.Which of the following have you participated in or would you be interested in participating in? This is not an exhaustive list. Please add your ideas in the comments.
5.Your ideas and opinions matter.
We may not be able to fulfill everyone's wishes, especially in this first year of organizing the event, but we do care about your feedback! Leave your name and email address so we can contact you.
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