Dear Texas Private Property Owner, 

Strengthening Texas' private property rights is a priority of our organization. After having visited with so many of you about your personal struggles with the eminent domain process, it's clear that our state's eminent domain laws need serious reform. The Texas Legislature needs to understand this issue more fully from landowners' perspective, and need to know how many of you are being effected. 
We are asking Texas landowners who have had property sought out by entities with the power of eminent domain to participate in the survey below. In order to make a difference at the Texas Legislature we need to collect information from as many property owners as possible in order to effectively demonstrate the need for specific changes to the law.
Please provide as much information as you are willing to share. Do not disclose information that is subject to a confidentiality agreement. This information will be compiled into data for use during the legislative process, but your identity will remain anonymous.

* 1. During the last five (5) years, has any property that you owned or leased been taken by an entity with the power of eminent domain?