We distribute single copies of the printed DofE magazine, plus the monthly DofE News email,  to all adults registered on eDofE, as well as DofE Accredited Assessors.

If you are registered on eDofE then please ensure your personal details are correct and up to date.  We also use these details to send out your DofE Reward Card which entitles you to a range of discounts/offers (including your 20% Cotswold discount).

If you are not registered on eDofE  you can view/download copies of the magazine and DofE News at www.DofE.org/magazine.

Please complete this form to let us know you would like to receive a postal copy of the DofE magazine.

If you need up to 20 bulk copies of the magazine then please contact ASL directly on 0131 553 5280 or by email asl@DofE.org with your request (p&p applies).

* 2. I am NOT registered on eDofE, am not a DofE Manager, Co-ordinator or Leader, and am not an Accedited Assesor, but I wish to receive a postal copy of DofE Magazine and the monthly DofE News email. (NB: if you do not wish to receive the emails, please do not include your email address.)

* 3. My reason for wishing to be added to the list:

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* 7. House Name/No and Street:

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Thank you!