Please take a minute to tell us about your fulfillment process so we get to know your business better and serve you best.

* 1. What is your OpenSky store URL? Your URL follows this format: url

* 2. From where do you ship? If you ship from multiple locations, please list them all.

* 3. How many size boxes or mailers do you stock for your OpenSky orders? For example, 6 plain box sizes and 2 poly mailers.

* 4. Tell us about your 2 most-used packaging materials or items. Include product, dimensions, typical order quantity, current price, usage per month and other pertinent info.

* 5. What kind of packaging tape do you use? For example, 2-inch clear packing tape. (If not applicable, enter N/A.)

* 6. What "filler" material do you use to protect your products? For example, biodegradable packing peanuts. (If not applicable, enter N/A.)

* 7. How many OpenSky orders do you ship per month?

* 8. How much do you spend on packaging supplies per month?

* 9. How do you get your packaging materials?

* 10. Do you use custom branded packaging?

* 11. Do you buy packaging online?

* 12. If yes, please enter links to the packaging you buy so we can see the items.