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The following questions are part of a research investigation into the contribution of emotion regulation, impulsivity and reward and punishment sensitivity on eating behaviours. This project is specifically interested in examining the how these might contribute to dysfunctional eating.

As part of this study, you are invited to complete five simple self-report questionnaires that contain a series of statements about anxiety, depression, emotion regulation, impulsivity, eating behaviours and reward and punishment sensitivity. For each questionnaire, you will be required to read each of the presented statements and provide a rating that indicates how this statement applies to you. If you choose to participate in this study, it will take you about thirty minutes to complete the questionnaires.

Participation in this study is completely voluntary and you may withdraw at any time without risking any negative consequences. If you choose to withdraw your participation in this study, the information you have provided will be immediately destroyed. All the data collected in this study will be treated with complete confidentiality and not made accessible to any person outside of the two researchers working on this project. The information I obtain from you will be dealt with in a manner that ensures you remain anonymous. Data will be stored in a secured location for a five year period in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Bond University Human Research Ethics Committee.

It is anticipated that the data collected during this study will assist us in understanding how emotion regulation, impulsivity and reward and punishment sensitivity impact upon eating behaviours. Your participation in this study will enhance work towards developing interventions designed to maintain psychological wellbeing and treat individuals with eating disorders.
Should you have any complaints concerning the manner in which this research is being conducted please make contact with –

Bond University Human Research Ethics Committee,
C/O Bond University Research and Consultancy Services.
Bond University, Gold Coast, 4229
Tel: +61 7 5595 4194 Fax: +61 7 5595 1120 Email: buhrec@bond.edu.au