To understand the goals and wishes of Otter Lake residents / families, the Otter Lake Ratepayers' Association (OLRA) would greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions on how to enhance your experience and enjoyment of Otter Lake and the community.  We encourage your participation and ask that you also share the opportunity with your immediate family members who accompany you on your visits.

Your responses to this short survey will help OLRA explore events that matter to you or are simply of interest from a social point of view. The survey is an opportunity for you to tell us about your vision of “life on Otter Lake” and in this dynamic area. For example, in what types of activities would you like to participate?  Or, what suggestions do you have for improving the experience of Otter Lake residents?  Or, would you like to join one of our many committees or the OLRA Board?

The OLRA Board looks forward to sharing the results of this survey with you and exploring a list of actionable steps to meet your wishes and keep you informed of events going on in the area. 

Thank you,
OLRA Board

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