The following survey is designed for all heavy/highway DBEs and those interested in DBE certification for highway work. Your answers will assist The AGC of Texas in determining the best course of outreach for your company based on your experience and type of work. Fill out the form completely and honestly. We look forward to your submission. 

* 1. Company Details

* 2. Type of Business

* 3. Select all NAICS codes for which your company is certified in the TUCP

* 4. Select all certifications currently held by your company. List your certifying agency in the comments field.

* 5. Has your company bid on any TxDOT Projects in the past five years?

* 6. Has your company ever performed work on a TxDOT project?

* 7. Select ALL districts where your company has performed TxDOT work in the past five years.

* 8. Has your company performed infrastructure work with other governments (e.g., cities, counties, etc.) or agencies? List those entities in the comments section.

* Past infrastructure projects: Identify up to five of the largest infrastructure projects your company has worked on within the past five years. Include local, state or federal road, bridge, street, aviation, or heavy/highway projects. 

9a. Project One

* 9b. Project Two

* 9c. Project 3

* 9d. Project 4

* 9e. Project 5