* 1. As you may know, there is a proposal to revive the Aeromodeller title as a stand-alone publication and we would like all RCMF members, visitors and any other aeromodellers or model pilots to complete this survey so as to maximise the chances of a successful re-launch and avoid weakening existing publications by devoting scarce resources to something which the model flying and building public will not buy in sufficient numbers to make it viable.
Please give us as complete and honest response as you can.

Please note, this survey has been drawn up and compiled by Meharibear with assistance and support from Wiz. It has not been commissioned by ADH Publishing or any of their staff nor is it endorsed by them. It will be provided to them to show what an active cross section of today’s modellers with Internet access feel and to hopefully influence their decisions with respect to the future of Aeromodeller. They are obviously free to consider the information we provide or to ignore it.

Sorry about the "odd" formatting of some of the questions, but it was necessary to "fit" the scope of the free version of Survey Monkey and the limited knowledge and experience of Meharibear!

Your e-mail address will NOT be passed on. Are you happy to proceed?

* 2. How much would you pay for a magazine of this type if had the content you want?

* 3. What format would you like the magazine to take?

* 4. How often would you like it to appear?

* 5. What must the magazine contain to capture you as a subscriber or regular buyer? Please address all opinions and indicate for each if it is Vital = 1, Important = 2, Interesting = 3, wouldn’t read = 4.

  1 Vital 2 Important 3 Interesting 4 Wouldn't read
a. Kit reviews
i. Radio control
ii. Free flight
iii. Control line
b. ARTF reviews
i. Radio control
ii. Free flight
iii. Control line
c. Engine reviews
i. Diesel
ii. Glow
iii. Petrol
iv. Electric
d. Radio reviews
e. Gadget reviews
f. Technical articles
g. Articles on full sized aircraft
h. Specific Scale modelling features
i. “How to do it” features
j. What’s new to the market?
k. Contest News
i. Radio control
ii. Free flight
iii. Control line
iv. Indoor
l. Plan and build features
i. Radio control
ii. Free flight
iii. Control line
iv. Indoor
m. “Free” plans
n. Features on the “personalities” in model flying
i. Yesterday
ii. Today
iii. Up and coming
o. Features on the designers, manufacturers, importers, distributors, suppliers etc who bring our hobby goods to us.
p. Readers competitions
q. Readers events and shows (for example the RCMF Magazine “Mayfly” event at Old Warden and the RCMF on-line group Annual Fly In)
r. Reader’s letters, hints, tips and comments.
s. “First Person View” flying
t. Model Flight Simulators
u. Should the magazine stick to things of immediate UK interest or should it seek to wider coverage – For example regularly feature reports from correspondents in (say) USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand?

* 6. Age - Are you

* 7. Are you an active flyer and/or builder? Select as many as apply to you.

* 8. Do you live in the UK?

* 9. If not a UK resident would you subscribe to the magazine:

* 10. Are you willing and able to write articles for a revived Aeromodeller publication?