Certified Action Learning Coach Survey

From the Chair, Andrew Rahaman, Ed.D

Hello fellow Action Learning Coaches in the US.  Yes, this letter and survey is going only to CALCs, PALCs, SALCs, and MALCs, in the US.   I’m interested in your feedback and would appreciate 10 minutes of your time to complete this anonymous survey of 10 questions. Your feedback will help design how the organization that certified you can provide you with additional benefits and learning opportunities. 

Since I became Chair just over a year ago, WIAL-USA has made changes that have included revamping the website, increased the amount of communication from WIAL-USA, expanded our contacts to include the government community, academia and executive coaches; identified specific board positions needed to go forward, and held a large action learning conference (over 85 attendees with many of them attending for the first time)  with a diversity of speakers to include organizational culture, executive coaching, strategy and facilitation etc.  We don’t believe our work is finished nor have we reached a point of being fully sustainable and functional. 

The members of the WIAL-USA Board are volunteers and their investment of time and effort is in service to developing, promoting and growing a sustainable action learning community. As a member of that board, and as the Chair, it is vitally important that our time is used in a way that is productive to the community at large and that makes WIAL-USA sustainable.  As such, we have some observations. Over the last year, while we have increased our outreach, I have noticed that fewer certified action learning coaches attended the conference. There has been little response to our emails, and little interest in the board positions and interest in having WIAL-USA help coaches develop training in their respective communities.  Hence, the need for your candid feedback.

At the heart of the survey is identifying what need you have that WIAL-USA could help meet, what’s holding you back from participating in the WIAL-USA community and your thoughts on WIAL-USA. 

I welcome your input and encourage you to invest the 10-15 minutes to answer the 10 questions. I, along with the rest of the Board, are hopeful and willing to use your responses to continue crafting a WIAL-USA affiliate that meets needs and is sustainable.

All the best,


* 1. How has the Action Learning Certification impacted your career?

* 2. On a scale from 1 (Dissatisfied) to 10 (Satisfied), please rate the changes made to the following categories

  1 2 3 5 5 6 7 8 9 10

* 3. If you are not involved in the WIAL-USA community, what is holding you back from participating more fully? Please feel free to be candid.

* 4. Over the last year, WIAL-USA has offered to help coaches set up action learning training in their region. However, there has been very little response. Please help us understand why not and identify how WIAL-USA could better support its coaches?

* 5. Are you aware that we have changed the certification courses from 3 separate, 2 day programs to a 1-week program? Share how this can be broadly communicated to increase awareness in the community of Action Learning by WIAL-USA and the Certified Coaching community.

* 6. If WIAL-USA provided advanced training for certified coaches, would you be inclined to pay for such training?

* 7. Do you plan to attend the September 2016 WIAL-USA Conference in Washington, DC?

* 8. WIAL-USA has advertised for Board Director Positions: Membership, Chapter Development, Marketing and Public Relations, Treasurer, Education/Forums and Conferences. What position would you be interested in on the WIAL-USA Board? (Board descriptions are posted on the www.wial-usa.org website)

* 9. WIAL-USA is a volunteer led non-profit, how could you help in this endeavor? Would you be willing to assist in any of the following ways? If you checked any of the selections, please elaborate in Comment Section.

* 10. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?